Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Drowning in lisianthus. By S

It's not every day that I have the pleasure of being surrounded by the most beautiful flowers in the world. Today was a real treat, I literally found myself drowning in lisianthius, hydrangeas and roses. I took a lesson in flower arrangement at BLEND, one of Mexico's top design stores, with my lovely sister-in-law Guadalupe - my forever faithful partner in crime. Although I have created a few flower arrangements in my time for dinner parties and other occasions it's actually the first time I've ever taken a lesson in the matter. 

I loved the colours of the flowers that were picked for the lesson... pinks, lilacs, nudes, whites... I hope these pictures will inspire you to attack your garden and get your creative juices flowing. I really think there's nothing quite as exquisite as natural flowers, don't you? Today we were taught how to create two different flower arrangements, as you can see from the pictures above. Hmm... I wonder though if the next time I try this out on my own at home I will be as successful! 


  1. The flowers are spectacular! Good job on your blog, girls. Regards from Scotland, Fiona