Sunday, November 11, 2012

A white house in Denmark. By S.

The Tolix chairs add an industrial & vintage look to the dining room.

Everything is white, even the storage jars on the shelves.

The Nespresso machine makes you want to stay for coffee!

The kitchen opens up directly onto the dining room allowing the light to stream throughout both spaces.

Lavender is the only color that has been introduced, these cushions add an ethnic touch to the living room.

Apple had to be present, right!?

Check out the white-washed wooden planks on the floor.

I love really low beds. In the bedroom the mattress appears to lie straight on the floor.

The curtains hanging from the sink are a fun and inexpensive way to cover all the ugly bits of plumbing, they also help keep the bathroom neat and tidy.

An ideal terrace for the warm summer months.

I have been inspired today by this beautiful house in Denmark. I love that it is all white, the owners have been faithful to this color consistently throughout every room. It has a zen feeling which I can really relate to. 

*Images 79 Ideas via Sadecor

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