Wednesday, November 14, 2012

New Muuto lamp at home. By S.

I recently purchased this wonderful lamp from the Scandinavian design brand Muuto and I love it so much I keep moving it around the house trying to figure out where it looks best. I originally envisioned it in Maria's bedroom, but I think it would look nice in the TV room so that the whole family can enjoy it. The lamp is made out of unvarnished wood and I find its basic clean lines extremely appealing, it has such a great unpretentious look to it. I also love the green cord which contrasts nicely with the clear wood.

In the images the Muuto lamp is sitting on an old table I bought in a flea market. I sanded it down and I think it looks just fine like this without a coat of varnish. As for the chair it's a reproduction of the great Eames chair which I recently did a post on (click here!). I finally got around to buying it. The natural hide on the floor is antelope, I got that from my sister Becky who bought it on a trip to South Africa last year.

I would like to thank my dear friend Cristina for helping me out with the images of today's post. She takes wonderful pictures and is currently helping me out with the photography of an ambitious project I am embarking on... Gracias Cristina!