Monday, December 3, 2012

Metalic Monday... By M

 It can’t get any better if you have your favorite pair of jeans and button-up shirt in the same outfit. I fell in love with these jeans as soon as I saw them on Karlie Kloss during Fashion’s Night Out. Back in September I wrote a post on them in Two Clouds in the Sky as a trend alert and I was definitely right. After a long month of trying to convince my parents these were the perfect pair of jeans and I needed them in my closet. I finally came up with the money and I did not wait a second to get them. I first  struggled to find ways to style them but after a wile it was like they had been mine forever. Because these jeans make a big statement  it is best if you pair them up with a simple shirt and shoes. Some people might say buying GOLDEN jeans is a huge risk, but to all those people I encourage them to take the risk. Fortunatly more and more stores are offering these types of jeans so they start to get easier and easier to find.

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