Friday, October 5, 2012

An appealing apartment in Paris. By S.

Check out the whitewashed wooden floors! 

The antique portraits hanging over the colorful cushions give this space a quirky feel.

Books and antique paintings overlooking the kitchen table? Why not!?

The old stove gives the kitchen a homey vintage feeling. And see how the walls have been knocked down and windows have been incorporated to let the natural light flow from one space to another.

And what do you think of this armchair made out of weaved jute? Please check out the nun at the end of the corridor...

I have dark green walls in my house so as soon as I saw this bedroom I felt right at home. This deep olive green color contrasts beautifully with the flowery bedspread and cushion.

I found this apartment while browsing through Marie Claire Maison online. What first caught my eye was the staircase and the guilt mirror in the first photograph. I just love the way the untreated wood in the beams contrasts with the revealed pipes and the white walls. I really love this apartment because it's unpretentious, but very stylish. It's simple, but has a warm & welcoming feeling. Have you noticed  the windows in unexpected places that let the natural light flow throughout the space giving it an unconstricted feeling? Every time I see a home that appeals to me I wonder who it belongs to...

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