Sunday, October 21, 2012

The satchel bag. By S.

Talk about cool factor! These bags by Spanish-based brand Stella Rittwagen are the latest fashion trend to invade the hipster scene. They come in all different colors, from fluorescent blinding colors like lime, orange and fiuchsa to more sombre  tones like red wine, navy and brown.

These are the brighter colors, which will add punch to your outfit! 

This lime one is Maria's

Green with envy!

This orange one is a head turner.

Stella Rittwagen has recently introduced these which come in different color combinations:

These are perfect for the cooler winter months. I am craving for the wine-colored one which is the color of the season!

Retro brown. Goes with everything.

Timeless in black

Camel, perfect for all year around.

Red wine, one of my favorites!

And last, but no least are the metallic ones (gold, silver & chrome), which I think are so chic and go with everything:

This gold satchel bag is mine, you can check it out here!!

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