Thursday, October 11, 2012

French House. By S.

Here's a treat for you house lovers! How about a sneak peek of the extraordinary French house featured in the November 2012 issue of ELLE DECORATION not yet out on the streets? The images are by the photographer Mads Morgensen

A bit of green goes a long way in the city.

The bamboo creates a natural corridor that leads to the house.

Plastic furniture appropriate for this exterior space.

 No need for a guard dog with this sculpture in the patio. 

I think there's a stalker outside.

Is it a bed? Or is it a sofa? That's besides the point.

These Charles & Ray Eames chairs are all in different colors adding character to the room.

Comfy felt grey chairs contrast nicely with the rough wooden table.

Someone got into a fight...

Great chandelier, very regal.

The cowhide rug adds a bit of texture and warmth to the room.

This board helps give the space a spontaneous and carefree look.

What a fabulous place for siestas... Check out the film projector hanging from the ceiling.

The multi-bulb lamp hanging in the corner is one of my favorite objects in this house.

I am craving for a chunky knit poof for my home, just like the ones in this image.

Spooky image.

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