Friday, September 21, 2012

Rue Vintage 74. By S.

One of the great pleasures I get out of having a blog is sharing with the world all the things I love most. One of my passions is everything vintage so that is why I bring to you today Rue Vintage 74, a lovely online shop based in Madrid that I just have to show off. Piluca Hueso (who happens to be my cousin!) owns this shop that is a treasure trove full of wonderful vintage objects. Piluca hunts down and handpicks everything personally from across Europe in Paris, London, Rome, Berlin, and even as far as Los Angeles... 

These are just some of the fabulous things you can purchase at Rue Vintage 74...

1950's French sconce

French 1920's stool

1920's French porcelain cake stand

French 1950's chandelier 

19th Century Italian candlestick

French porcelain tray from the 1920's

Original Yves Saint Laurent pendant from the 1970's

English 1940's brooch 

Rue Vintage 74 also has a section called New Vintage which is a collection of fun contemporary pieces with a retro twist...

And all I have left to say for the moment is please have a

Images via Rue Vintage 74

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