Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The satchel bag in gold. By S.

Yesterday Maria wrote a post about her new fluorescent yellow Stella Rittwagen satchel bag which she got from my sister Becky who lives in Madrid. You can check it out here! I also got a satchel bag from Becky too, but in gold. She sent them to us a few days ago from Spain where the factory is. 

I love my gold bag, it goes with most of the clothes in my wardrobe and I think it will look great with my warmer autumn clothes. I am wearing a lot of gold lately, little gold chains and earrings, gold Ray Ban aviator sunglasses, gold sandals... A gold bag was only the next natural step!

I took advantage of some black linen curtains I have hanging at home and used them as the backdrop for my photo session. I have to admit that I am IN LOVE with the gold/black combination!

Check out the satchel bag in a really cool color here!!

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