Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Quirky home. By S.

Don't you absolutely love this home? It belongs to Lucy Fenton and it's so full of personality, color and charm! What I really love about it is that it feels homey and spontaneous, nothing about it is constrained, rigid or stiff. There are quirky and unexpected decor objects strewn around in a joyful carefree way. 

It's the kind of home you want to spend lots of time in, discovering all of its little treasures. Have you checked out the bunnies sitting on top of the fireplace in the drawing room in the first picture?! And the Orangina poster in the dining room? And what about the wicked plant growing out of the strange shoe...? That's in the image with all the colorful crosses on the wall. 

If you love this house and want to see more take a look at Lucy's shop fenton&fenton, you won't regret it!

Images from homelife via Lanalou Style

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