Thursday, September 6, 2012

Wallpaper to die for. By S.

This wallpaper is a good example of the skull trend. Groovy.

I love this one, the colours make me happy!


Pixels or what?

It would appear that a newspaper hoarder is living in this home, but no! Quite cool.

Another zen one.

Last but not least! I would call this wallpaper "A blast of colour".

What do you think of these extraordinary wallpapers from the new Mr Perswall collection? I find them brilliant and they are a perfect example of the trend in contemporary wallaper. They are real pieces of art that occupy a focal point in the room instead of blending into the background like conventional-style wallpaper. All you need is a big empty wall and voilá!


  1. Wow magnificent, I love the second and third photos the best! Wish I had that sort of sky view behind my bed!

  2. Thanks Tessa, we're glad you liked the post! Check out or post "Seeing skulls", I think you'll enjoy that one too.